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    Engaging clients with interactive workshops.

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    Public presentations reaching out to multi displinary audiences.

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    On-site training programs.

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    Providing client services beyond expectations.

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    Supporting artistic clients of all ages.

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    Helping others define and achieve their dreams.

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What Clients Say - Individual Business Clients (Leaders & Individual Contributors)

I just want you to know that what you’ve done for me has been awesome.  Thank you, Thank you.  Thank you!!!  ~Joel C

I have learned so much from you and appreciate you FUN/CRAZY streak, kindness and support – you were always pointing me in the right direction when I asked you questions about work.  You are such a tremendously positively spirit and force . . . ~David A.
Remember, I had an interview for a job.  I GOT IT!!!  I have to thank you because without the confidence you brought out in me, I would not have even applied for the job.  Our sessions together were so eye opening for me .  You ignited a spark and really got me fired up.  Thanks for everything.  ~Patti R
It has been a pleasure working with you.  I remember over 4 years ago when I first went in to see you about possibly attending school.  Well, I was promoted to a (higher) position and . . .  I intend to complete my (degree) in the end of (the year).  You made a difference with me.  ~Sandi M
Thanks for the council . . . and your insight . . . it aided me greatly.   ~Dave C
Paulette, I have nothing but the highest regard for you.  ~Jan S
Paulette, I remember our talk.  Things are going a lot better.  You were so nice and professional, it’s one of the positives of my coming here to (the company). 
The most beneficial aspect of the Program was the one-on-one coaching with Paulette.  These sessions provided me with an opportunity to get guidance on career planning, discuss conerns and thoughts about career coaching and get insights and ideas for improved interactions with employees and team members.  I recommend the Leadership Coaching Program for all managers and leads.  I plan to continue my one-on-one coaching sessions.  ~Bert A. 
NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Paulette cannot go!  I will hold her here.  I will chain myself to the plane.  (In response to my relocation to Atlanta.)  ~Kris J
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