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    Engaging clients with interactive workshops.

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    Public presentations reaching out to multi displinary audiences.

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    On-site training programs.

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    Providing client services beyond expectations.

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    Supporting artistic clients of all ages.

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    Helping others define and achieve their dreams.

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What Clients Say - Corporate Programs' Managers

Paulette is super dedicated, goes the extra mile.  She jumps right into the discussion, listens and considers inputs.  She is very knowledgeable, that is obvious to all.  We could not do this without Paulette, she is a gem.  

 ~Kay Gasner, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Paulette, you were the one that helped (us) breathe life into our dream.  Your ideas, wisdom, collaborative heart and passion were key to us realizing Career Services as a living entity; one that has and will serve so many employees and managers.  You always freely share your thoughts and ideas with all of us connected with Career Services, and sharpen our view of what can or should be our focus.  Thank you. 

~ Mark Gratzer, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

It has been my pleasure and honor to work with Paulette in the last 5-7 years in two capacities and want to make sure anyone who is thinking of working with her knows what a gift she is and the many strengths she contributes. In the first 4 years she worked with me she was one of the onsite coaches we used for our employees. Paulette coached people at all levels including the Director and VP level. In addition to the glowing testimonials I received about her coaching, she has also coached me through the years.

Her strengths as a coach are her intuition, her ability to think strategically, her creativity and her listening skills. Any good coach must have strong listening skills and I would say Paulette’s are outstanding. Her warmth and caring put the client at ease so they can dig into the hard issues they want to address. In addition, her compassion and patience make it possible for the client to come up with creative ideas and visions. Working with her makes it much easier to tackle challenges and to come up with positive new ways of dealing with them.

In the last two years I’ve been fortunate to have Paulette work for me as a Project Manager to open three new Insights coaching centers on the east coast. There is no way I could have gotten this done without her. Not only did she get them open, she ensured we had the best coaches and that each coach was ready and empowered to deliver the services we offer. Considering she was an external contractor this was no easy task and she accomplished it with flying colors. There are so many strengths Paulette brought to this project, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

Strengths – 

  • Great job of navigating as a contractor – she had no internal authority yet was influential and very effective in getting things done.
  • Strong relationship building skills. At each site she worked closely with each internal NG person and collaborated very effectively and made sure key players were inspired.
  • Autonomous, I was swamped with the other three centers and other work demanding my time. Paulette worked on her own without my input the majority of the time.
  • Ability to see bigger picture needs that not having could affect success, yet didn’t let this get in the way.
  • Ability to be objective and look for the unique needs of each site.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Project planning were thorough, she kept me and all players up to date consistently.
  • Solved difficult recruiting problems at Bethpage and St. Augustine.
  • Great job of on-boarding each external new coach to understanding the complexities of Northrop, each site, and the Insight’s program overall.
  • Facilitated learning by connecting the strengths of each Insights coach.
  • Takes initiative and goes beyond defined tasks and ensure program improvement.
  • Proactive and responsive to others’ needs.
  • Good understanding of financial accounting and management.
  • Created the first Insight’s center manual – in depth details for each coach to find and utilize the resources needed to do their job.

In summary, I highly recommend Paulette as a coach or project manager and would definitely hire her again.  

~ Heidi Funk, Insights  Centers - Providing Career, Professional and Leadership Coaching


What Clients Say - Individual Business Clients (Leaders & Individual Contributors)

I just want you to know that what you’ve done for me has been awesome.  Thank you, Thank you.  Thank you!!!  ~Joel C

I have learned so much from you and appreciate you FUN/CRAZY streak, kindness and support – you were always pointing me in the right direction when I asked you questions about work.  You are such a tremendously positively spirit and force . . . ~David A.
Remember, I had an interview for a job.  I GOT IT!!!  I have to thank you because without the confidence you brought out in me, I would not have even applied for the job.  Our sessions together were so eye opening for me .  You ignited a spark and really got me fired up.  Thanks for everything.  ~Patti R
It has been a pleasure working with you.  I remember over 4 years ago when I first went in to see you about possibly attending school.  Well, I was promoted to a (higher) position and . . .  I intend to complete my (degree) in the end of (the year).  You made a difference with me.  ~Sandi M
Thanks for the council . . . and your insight . . . it aided me greatly.   ~Dave C
Paulette, I have nothing but the highest regard for you.  ~Jan S
Paulette, I remember our talk.  Things are going a lot better.  You were so nice and professional, it’s one of the positives of my coming here to (the company). 
The most beneficial aspect of the Program was the one-on-one coaching with Paulette.  These sessions provided me with an opportunity to get guidance on career planning, discuss conerns and thoughts about career coaching and get insights and ideas for improved interactions with employees and team members.  I recommend the Leadership Coaching Program for all managers and leads.  I plan to continue my one-on-one coaching sessions.  ~Bert A. 
NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Paulette cannot go!  I will hold her here.  I will chain myself to the plane.  (In response to my relocation to Atlanta.)  ~Kris J

What Clients Say - Individual Scientists, Engineers and Technical Clients

Paulette, whenever I get highly stressed, I think often of our meetings and review some of the things you taught me and apply them.  We, your “students” all miss the wonderful conversations we had.  ~Edward C

I credit in no small measure my interaction with the [Coaching} Center in helping me to fulfill my immediate educational goals.  Paulette helped me come to terms with the dynamics of my organization – within which, I was recently promoted.  I’ll not hesitate to schedule another visit when I need help defining or revising my strategy.”  

I just want you to know I am forever grateful working with you!  Thanks!  ~Michael N

Anything we can learn about how to be more open and effective communicators can only help us as individuals and the company as a whole.  Coaching is all about effective communication, with provided processes and tools for initiating and perpetuating an open dialogue.  Learning these coaching and communication skills helps to become more effective in our relationships, whether it’s a coaching relationship, a peer relationship or whatever.  The program facilitators are experienced and great to work with.  Leadership Coaching is an excellent program that I recommend to anyone who is interested in becoming a more effective communicator.  Jeff W. 


What Clients Say - Individual Creative, Artistic Clients

Paulette, you have no idea how often I think/mention you when young dancers/fitness professionals come to me for advice on how to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.  Your patience and guidance really made an impact on me and contributed so much on where I am today!    ~Melissa G

Paulette, with your guidance, I recognized what it feels like to receive, and receive graciously.  Your operative word “trade-off” clicked into the alternative possibilities of trading our skills for what we want to create on our path.  You expanded my way of looking at the picture.  Staying focused and remembering my core is what leads me to todays’ miracles.   Thank you, Paulette, for your listening and patience that allowed a shift to take place. ~Elizabeth A 

“I had to email you this morning . . . to thank you.  I went to call you for a last minute lift me up so many times when I was getting down!  So, you are always in my mind and in my heart.    Your email was perfect and I read it over and over again!  My time with you . . . was invaluable and priceless.   I COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU . . .  ~Julie H 

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  You have been a gift to my life, and my business wouldn’t be here without you!  ~Brian W

I couldn’t go without telling you how you have made such an impact in my life by making my many transitions more bearable, more practical, less painful, more clear, less burdened.  You always were so understanding and ready to flip the coin to allow me to see the other side with your wisdom, tenderness, insight and infectious humor.  Thank you for listening . . . for allowing me to be me.  It meant the world to me.   ~Dulce C  

I was thinking of you today and wanted to send you this message . . . because I heard your voice in my head . . . and I want to thank you for your wonderful contribution to my life.   ~Sharyn B  

I have to thank you, because you were my sole impetus and support for returning to my education.  Through your personal support, it would NOT have been possible. . . . I have written countless thank-yous, but I do not feel that it can truly represent my thanks.  ~Jennifer P  

You are an exceptional, incredibly caring and understanding woman and human being. With so much compassion, you lead me through the process of trying to discover who I am in regards to my work.  You have touched so many lives on a positive note and one of those lives was mine!   ~Patrice C  

I just want to tell you what a huge difference it made for me to be able to talk to you.  The brightness of your spirit and your relentless insistence on considering options rationally and with all one’s heart and brain really helped me through a difficult transition.  I thank you deeply.  ~Myrna G 

You’re the greatest – I wish I could be around your amazing energy everyday.  ~Jessica  

Thank you for listening.  Thank you for being here and for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm.  ~Joanne D

Paulette – you are such a source of light for me!  Thank you for your enlightenment and joy.   

How can I ever thank you for your caring, honesty and inspiration.  Your helping to change lives.  ~D

A note of thanks to you.  I am light years away from where I was last year.  Your work with me has given me the opportunity to reflect and act upon my deepest core.  You are deeply appreciated. Your wisdom and grace are respected.  Thank you for working with me.  ~Elizabeth A 

Thank you for your wise and generous spirit.  ~Lynne L

I cannot thank you enough for all the ways you have found to help support me in my life.  My life has changed so much in such a short time..  I hope you know how instrumental you have been in helping me lay the path and prepare for these changes!  And now they are here.  Who’d have thought I’d be Chair of the _____ Department at ______ College.  Thank you so very much.  ~Melissa 

Words fail me – you are so special!  Thank you so much for your support and compassion.  ~Candy B

Thank you for sharing your special energy!  ~Pam M 

Paulette, you are “The Rock”!  Thank you for your constant care, guidance, support and encouragement.   Because of your suggestions and nudging I have been awarded the grant.  Thank you for always being “home”!  ~Sonja H 

I’ve been wanting to thank you again for the experience of working with you to find my professional nitch.  I got the job that is right for me!  I truly enjoyed our sessions and learned a lot abut myself.  You are a PLEASURE to know and your smiling face and energy at the end of my work day was very much appreciated.  You have such a winning personality and conduct the career counseling process so very well.  I would recommend the counseling for anyone who is struggling with their future in the workplace  Anyone who works with you is indeed fortunate.  ~Sara Jane G 


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