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    Engaging clients with interactive workshops.

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    Public presentations reaching out to multi displinary audiences.

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    On-site training programs.

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    Providing client services beyond expectations.

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    Supporting artistic clients of all ages.

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    Helping others define and achieve their dreams.

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Introduction to Our Services

  Sustaining Careers’ services are available through:
  • One-on-one Career and Leadership Development Coaching;
  • Series of Small Group Career Planning Sessions;
  • Workshops and Presentations; and
  • Program Development and Consulting for Organizations.


For over twenty years, Paulette Fried has been instrumental in developing and providing individual and group services as a Career Counselor and Coach.  She has also served as a Consultant in designing and implementing professional and organizational development programs for companies.  

Throughout her work life, Paulette has dedicated herself to positively impacting the futures of individuals and organizations in a variety of industries (including arts and entertainment, engineering and technology, social and health services, manufacturing and real estate) from the for profit and non-profit sectors, as well as from public agencies at every level of government.

Paulette's commitment is to:
  • Assisting individuals in evaluating and planning their career paths, and empowering them to move forward in the direction of their goals and dreams;
  • Helping corporations effectively and wisely use their staff resources to accomplish organizational goals; and
  • Encouraging the pursuit of possibilities and high ideals by all of those she works with.
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